Dan Killian
Owner | Charleston Life

As you know, not everyone or everything is the same. What do I mean? Would you like to have surgery from a doctor who has done that procedure 1 time or a 1,000 times? Would you like your Uber driver to be 16 years old or 40 years old? There is a reason some Realtors sell over $20 million in properties. Dan is just that Realtor.

About Me

Dan moved to Charleston in 1992 from Syracuse, NY to attend the College of Charleston and pursue an Olympic sailing campaign. After graduating from the college of Charleston, Dan worked for Gartner Group in their IT sales division in sunny Florida. The sun wasn't enough to keep Dan in Florida, so he and his wife Libby decided to move back to Charleston with their newborn daughter. For the next seven years, Dan owned/operated a shutter company which grew to be the best in the low country. Dan's extensive experience working with homeowners as a business owner made for a seamless transition into his career as a Realtor.